Our Services:

+ Commercials
+ Imagefilms
+ Productfilms
+ Animationsfilms
+ 360°-Films

+ Social Media Films
+ Creative Design
+ Storytelling
+ Film-Drones
+ Live Content

Social Media, Digital Signage, Virals, Interactive Films.

In 1999, we placed the first film projects online on the web and in 2001, together with Deutsche Bahn, realized the first major digital signage project for Germany.

To call ourselves the pioneers for “online film” would be a clear step too far – but we know exactly what we are talking about when we call “film and online” in one breath. We offer you interactive films in which your customers become a star and distribute your advertising messages to all his friends in the social networks. At lightning speed. By all alone. Who would not want that?

Films. Films. Films.

In addition to the ultimate discipline of advertising film, we produce animated, industry, and image films.

Always a perfect fit for your brand and your product. Uncompromising.

Regardless of whether you require a complete production or only some of the parts — producing, CGI productions, sophisticated 2D and 3D animation, compositing/VFX, editing, color grading or sound design. Over 100,000 hours of music and production experience and brand experience worlds give rise to (literally) moving moments.

Experience. Succinct.

Drawing on our knowledge from the most widely diverse areas, sectors, and brands, we work with our clients to create the perfect film. The proof of our experience is in almost 3,000 productions realized in more than 50 countries.

Make the perfect choice.

Your project will be realized where it can be realized best. A film production company with the best connections such as ours can today secure the support of the best and most experienced crews. We save costs and thus your budget.